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Why build a new double-seater? Why did we decide to build a new double-seater from the scratch? There are already several performing models on the market. Nevertheless, we believe that no one really thought of a double-seater as of a competition-ready, high-performance sailplane model. That is exactly what we had in mind, when we started to think of a double-seater as appealing and performing as a single-seat glider. Our Twin Shark has not only the performance to fly in the FAI double-seater 20m-class, it also is as comfortable to sit in and to fly as any single-seater from our factory – whichsoever of the both seats you prefer.

The aerodynamic performance of our TwinShark is the result of extensive aerodynamic studies and wind-tunnel tests. It builds on the experience gained in our Shark family. A wing area of 15.38 plus an aspect ratio of 26.5 deliver class-leading performance, and advanced manufacturing techniques provide wing-loadings as low as 36kg/m2. At 800 kg maximum load, the loading is 52 kg/m2. An optimal curved leading edge and Shark winglets are maintained through high-end CNC techniques. Further performance is gained through the reflex-negative winglets on the tailplane which mimic a »shark« silhouette.

The spacious cockpit easily accomodates tall pilots, and those of generous build. A single-piece, side-opening canopy and extended reflex over the wing deliver outstanding visibility for both pilots. The key cockpit features which made the Shark cockpit popular have been maintained in the Twin Shark. Additionally, a cockpit ventilation system, in addition to the canopy vent keeps temperatures comfortable. This is where you enjoy staying for hours – make it a comfortable experience!

Double seater technical data:

Wing span20 m (65.6 ft) 20 m (65.6 ft)
Wing area15,3 m2 / 165 ft215,3 m2 / 165 ft2
Aspect ratio 26,526,5
Fuselage length 8,95 m / 29.36 ft 8,95 m / 29.36 ft
Profile PW10-145/125 14,5-12,5% PW10-145/125 14,5-12,5% 
Empty weight495 kg / 1091 lb495 kg / 1091 lb
maximum take-off weight850 kg / 1874 lb 850 kg / 1874 lb
Water ballast240 l / 63,4 US gal240 l / 63,4 US gal
Min. wing loading 39 kg/m2 / 8 lb/ft239 kg/m2 / 8 lb/ft2
Max. wing loading 55.5 kg/m2 / 11.4 lb/ft2 55.5 kg/m2 / 11.4 lb/ft2
Glide Performance   
Best glide ratio4949
at speed128 km/h / 69 kt128 km/h / 69 kt
min. sink rate (at min. weight) 0,5 m/s / 98 ft/min 0,5 m/s / 98 ft/min
at speed 92 km/h / 50 kt92 km/h / 50 kt
Stall speed (at max. weight)68 km/h / 37 kt68 km/h / 37 kt
VNE 275 km/h / 148 kt275 km/h / 148 kt

High Performance Selflauncher

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Fly Your Own Aircraft!
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